Develop new leadership skills through monthly deep-dive trainings on aspects of leadership development that are important to you PLUS access to exclusive materials created to assist you in deepening your experiences of nourishing a culture of leadership in yourself, your family, your community and your work. Instant archive access lets you learn at your own pace.

If you learn best by taking a deep dive into a leadership topic, including how leadership is applied in different situations, we offer an opportunity to take that deep dive. We offer a monthly 1-hour training on a variety of topics related to leadership, and are intended to act as a catalyst for you to determine where you stand on particular subjects. A few of the subjects that you will find in those archives include The Relationship of Leadership and System Change, Leading So People Will Lead, and specifically targeted subjects for leadership of small businesses such as Growing Your Small Business and Holistic Project Management.

If you learn best by going through resources that support particular topic areas, you will find resources exclusive to ELN members, posted for you to go through at your own pace.

As well, you will receive a copy of The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership (eBook version) authored by Birgitt Williams, a founder of the Extraordinary Leadership Network. This book is rich in material for you to explore in relation to your leadership development.