Join our international community of extraordinary leaders in quarterly real-time online mentoring circles to explore issues and opportunities for extraordinary leadership that are important to you. Grow your awareness and experience of leadership and how to nourish a culture of leadership in the organizations you are involved with.

Real-time mentoring opportunities offer changes to grow as a leader through conversations with people on a similar leadership development journey. The people who participate in the Extraordinary Leadership Network have the common ground that they are interested in Nourishing a Culture of Leadership. Four times a year, we host an online opportunity to engage with others in the ELN in a real time on line meeting that is designed as a peer to peer mentoring circle. The meetings last two hours and are facilitated using the meeting method Whole Person Process Facilitation, adapted for the online learning environment. Within the first few minutes of the session, the group co-creates an agenda based on topics of interest within the broader theme of Extraordinary Leadership. Co-creating the agenda allows each person to post the topics that matter to them the most at the time of the mentoring circle. The topic might be something that the person knows quite a bit about, or it might be a topic for which the person simply has a question.