Deepen your understanding of leadership with our bi-weekly video training series “Leadership Development Coffee Break”. These 15 minute (or less!) knowledge nuggets will support you in continually exploring what Leadership means to you and how you show up in your leadership personally and professionally.

This learning opportunity helps you to expand your understanding of leadership development through having your thinking stimulated, time for personal reflection, and putting what you have learned into action.

Initially, you will be guided through creating your personal leadership development plan in a 3-part Getting Started video series. This is an opportunity to get clear on why leadership development is important to you at this time, what your development goals are, and how you are going to accomplish them.

Once you have your leadership development plan mapped out, you are ready to start with the bi-weekly modules. At the end of every module, you are asked whether you would like to include that particular topic and its related skill building activities into your personal leadership development plan. You will choose those that make sense to you at this time. No one is keeping track of this but yourself so that you can have maximum choice and freedom to meet your needs. During your learning process with us, your leadership development plan is a living document, growing and evolving as you make new discoveries, and simultaneously provides the opportunity for you to anchor your learning into something tangible.

Every module focuses on one knowledge nugget we believe is essential to leadership development. We present a fairly short, less than 30 minute video so that you can participate in your leadership development during a coffee break. Hence the name ‘Leadership Development Coffee Break’.  During the video, we introduce you to the topic, relate the topic to leadership, and we provide some simple suggestions for increasing your skillfulness and capacity with that particular aspect of your leadership in the weeks that follow the presentation. The module includes a brief article to aid in thinking and reflection. To assist people who learn best through reflection, we also post a visual image for the purpose of reflecting about the topic as inspired by the image.